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File Handles


For those situations where a file handle is awkward, use heavy duty gloves or Gloves with cut resistance Kevlar and PVC Dots

Lutz File Handles

The large #3 Lutz long ferrule file handle is for 8"-10" flat, half round and mill files, 12" round files, and 10" taper files. The small #2 Lutz file handle is for 4"-6" flat, half round and mill files, 10" round files, 8" taper files.  The smallest handle #1 is for Japanese feather files or needle files.

3C Large Lutz File Handle $2.95  
2C Small Lutz File Handle $2.15 
1C V. Small Lutz File Handle $2.15 


Nicholson Ergonomic File Handle with Inserts

Product Features
Interchangeable cushion inserts designed to fit most popular files
Rubber-coated ergonomic shape for better comfort and control
Rear taper, wide middle, and flared neck increases push force. ( Sorry, Old product photo, now comes with only two inserts - rectangular and 'X' slot)

21474H   Ergonomic File Handle with Inserts   $3.95

Grobet File Handles

Made of unbreakable plastic, with a textured surface for non-slip grip and specially shaped to fit the hand for working comfort. Hole at the top permits convenient hang-up storage. Tang gripping insert is made of tempered metal, to allow proper alignment and a positive hold for files. Insert is threaded so that files can be switched easily... simply unscrew the file in use and screw in a new one.

270-183 Grobet for 4" files  $3.60
270-184 Grobet for 6" files  $3.60
270-185 Grobet for 8" files  $3.80
270-186 Grobet for 10" files  $4.20


Python Safety File Handle

Wooden handle with pre-drilled center hole and metal ferule which together with a hidden spring prevents splitting of the handle.

610-1000 Python Size #0 - 3-6" files $1.85
610-1100 Python Size #1 - 6-10" files $2.15  
610-1200 Python Size #2 - 10-14" files  Back Ordered 
610-1300 Python Size #3 - 14-16" files $3.00 


Universal File Handle

Wooden handle with internal clamping mechanism. It tightens using knob with slot for large screwdriver located on base of handle.

825-3650 Universal File Handle  $14.70

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