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Slim Triangular Taper Files

Product Features:
American pattern taper file, slim. Made for filing saws with 60 angle teeth. Triangular shape. Single cut. Edges set and cut for filing gullets between saw teeth. Tapers slightly towards the point. In filing handsaws, it is important to select the right file. See chart below.

14696N 7" Extra Slim Taper File $6.45
15056N 7" Double Extra Slim Taper File $6.45
13807 6" Regular Taper File $5.46
21866 6" Slim Taper File $5.46
21873 6" Extra Slim Taper File $5.46
21874 6" Double Extra Slim Taper File $5.46
14162 5" Slim Taper File $5.46
14600N 5" Extra Slim Taper File $5.46
14992N 5" Double Extra Slim Taper File $5.46
14106M 4" Slim Taper File $5.46
21875N 4" Extra Slim Taper File $5.46

 Nicholson's Selection Chart for Sharpening Handsaws:

Number of Saw Points Files Recommended
7 6" or 7" Slim
8 6" Slim
8 7" Extra Slim
8 8" Double Extra Slim
9 6" Extra Slim
9 7" Double Extra Slim
10 5" or 6" Extra Slim
11 4" Slim or 5" Extra Slim
11 6" Double Extra Slim
12 5" Extra Slim
13, 14, 15 4" Extra Slim or 5" Double Extra Slim

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