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Glue Applicators

Curved Tip Syringe

A great tool for fine gluing. Suggested to us by Steve Latta for inlay work.  
412012 One- Curved Tip Syringe             $ 1.00  
412012-10 Bag of 10 - Curved Tip Syringes $ 8.57  

Fine Tip Glue Bottle

The bottle holds about 6oz of glue. The opening in the tip is a hair finer than the Glue Injectors below. 8" height overall.
  Fine tip glue Bottle
19043 $ 4.53   



Glue Injectors



Plastic construction, these injectors can be used over and over again.  Also useful for grease, oil, etc.  Available in three different sizes, or in a set containing one of each.



Four 6 cc Injectors - 2-1/2" Barrel length, 1/2" O.D.




Four 15cc Injectors - 2-7/8" Barrel length, 3/4" O.D.




Four 30cc Injectors  - 3-1/4" Barrel length, 1" O.D.




Set - all three - 1ea. size



  Roller Glue Applicator
Fill the bottle with glue and you can easily apply a wide and even coat of adhesive. Application wheel is 2 3/8" wide and 1" in diameter. Bottle holds eight ounces of glue.  


 Roller Glue Applicator    $4.65   

  Bellows Glue Applicator  
Designed for pinpoint gluing accuracy on detail work. One ounce bellows-style plastic body collapses with thumb pressure for easy glue control and placement. Stainless steel and needle tip.  
182-1000 Bellows Glue Applicator   $1.85 
182-3000 Bellows Glue Applicator - 3 pack   $5.45 

Glue Reservoir & Container
Reduce the messiness of gluing by using this well thought out Glue reservoir/container. Instead of spreading glue with your fingers or a piece of scrap wood, glue with a tidy brush applicator. The Glue reservoir/container features a glue storage reservoir with a tight sealing, cone shaped cap. Next to the reservoir is a  well which dispenses an on-demand brush amount of glue. Includes Glue dispenser well, cap and brush. A favorite of bookbinders as well as woodworkers. This has also been popular with aircraft maintenance crews who are fixing seating and upholstery.



Glue Reservoir  $9.67

You can find single and double thickness chip brushes in quantity on our site too.

  Glue Bottle with Brush
This is the easy way to apply glue. Gives you complete control in where you apply the glue on your work. The bottle holds approximately eight ounces.  


Glue Bottle with Brush


  Biscuit Slot Glue Bottle
This glue bottle has a specially designed head that allows perfect application of glue into biscuit slots. It also makes the job quick and easy.  



Biscuit Slot Glue Bottle $2.45

Glue Spreader Set  
This kit give you a complete gluing solution. The empty eight ounce bottle comes complete with a storage base block and a number of interchangeable heads (roller head, flat nozzle, pinpoint head, round head, five dowel heads). Includes wet well.  


Glue Spreader Set  $17.95


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