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Fret Saw

Quality fretsaw frame for accurate fret-work, marquetry, or other intricate and detailed work in thin material. Blades are securely held by clamps on each end. One of the easiest ways to hold your work while using a fretsaw is to clamp one of our fretsaw boards on your bench. Place the work on top of the board and use the saw in a vertical motion. Has a wooden handle.

540-1000  Fret Saw  $13.00

Fret Saw Blades

This is a popular and useful style of blade. Perfect for
use in the fretsaw frames. The teeth are designed for
cutting wood, and are hardened for long life. Blade
length is 130 mm. The smaller reference number (#0)
is the finer blade, while the larger reference number
(#12) is the biggest blade in the selection. These
blades can also be used in a fretsaw machine.

Sold in packages of 12 blades.

Item Number Teeth per inch Ref #  
830-1003 27.0 0 $2.65 per dozen
830-1013 25.0 1 $2.65 per dozen
830-1023 22.5 2 $2.65 per dozen
830-1033 20.0 3 $2.65 per dozen
830-1043 18.0 4 $2.65 per dozen
830-1053 17.0 5 $2.65 per dozen
830-1063 16.0 6 $2.65 per dozen
830-1083 14.0 8 $2.85 per dozen
830-1103 12.0 10 $3.25 per dozen
830-1123 9.5 12 $3.65 per dozen

Fretsaw Board
Clamp one of these fretsaw boards on your bench then place the work on top of the board and use the saw in vertical motion. This wider fret saw board makes use of two clamps for secure fastening to the bench. Approximately 5/8" thick, 3 1/2" wide, and 8 5/8" long. No Picture Available.

540-4750  Fretsaw Board with two clamps  $16.20

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