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Features a dial adjustment headband to fit any head size. Well made magnifier made of light, durable material. Fits over eyeglasses. Adjustable pivot assembly on visor can be set to desired tension, so it will stay in place when tilted. Lenses are ground and polished optical glass, prismatic type.  Made in USA


    Focal Length Power  
220-984 OptiVisor 10" 2X $40.95


Economy Head Magnifier

We're very impressed with the quality construction of these low-priced magnifiers. A unique scratch coating is applied to the optical quality acrylic lenses to resist abrasion. For convenience, the lens visor flips up and out of the way when not in use and the rubber headband features an easy-to-adjust velcro closure. Available in three magnifications. Made in USA.


  Focal Length Power  
220-863 14" 1.75X $18.95
220-865 8" 2.25X $18.95
220-867 6" 2.75X $18.95


3 in 1 Head Magnifier

This magnifier does the job! You need to take some care with acrylic lens, but treat it right and it will give you excellent results.

Magnification from 1.1 to 4.8x, acrylic Lens, adjustable head strap.

  1. Fixed lens 2.2x

  2. Flip Lens 1.1x

  3. Loupe 1.5x

  4. Fixed & Flip 3.3x

  5. Fixed, Flip & Loupe 4.8x

Made in China SE

MH1042C 3 in 1 Head Magnifier $8.95


Compact Lighted Magnifier

Illuminated magnification, perfect for pocket, briefcase, or purse. Stores in its own protective case. Push button first to release the large 2" lens. Again, to light the lamp. Batteries included (2 AAA).



220-158 Compact Lighted Magnifier $10.15


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