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"Rust Eraser" Abrasive Hand Blocks

The Sandflex Abraser Block will raise a few eyebrows when it comes to general shop cleanup and maintenance. The popularity of these jewels continues to grow and many publications are recognizing the usefulness also. Popular Mechanics calls it "one of their most timesaving and versatile products", Fine Woodworking Magazine, American How-To and Family Handyman Magazine also tell their effectiveness. Now some of you are asking, what exactly do these things do and how are they used? We couldn't list all the uses on this page but some of the more popular uses include:

  • cleaning table saw tops to a smooth, silky finish
  • bandsaw tables and jointer tables will be smoother than when you bought them
  • clean rust and scale from chisels, carving tools and saw blades
  • put an unbelievable shine on stainless steel kitchen sinks, pots and pans
  • scrub soap scum and dirt from showers (ceramic only) and toilet bowls
  • clean solid surface materials like Corian (it will even sand the joints when countertops are installed)
32747 Sandflex Abrasive Hand Block - Fine $5.20
32750 Sandflex Abrasive Hand Block - Medium $5.20
32751 Sandflex Abrasive Hand Block - Coarse $5.20
32760 Sandflex Abrasive Hand Blocks - Set of 3 $15.25


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