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"Decorative Veneering" by Paul Schürch               

"Decorative Veneering" is the first DVD and booklet of the Schürch Masterclass Series.
Contents of this 80-minute video include:

      • Introduction to Veneer
      • Overview and History
      • Ordering, Storing and Flattening Veneer
      • Designing with Veneers and Core Materials
      • Demonstrations of Tools, Cutting Techniques and Sharpening
      • Demonstration of Assembly Techniques in Creating a Panel
      • The Use of Glues, Veneer Presses, Sanding and Finishing
      • A Portfolio of Marquetry Furniture
This is an informative, detailed, and high-quality 80 minute video/dvd on the art of Decorative Veneering by Paul Schürch. This first video/dvd covers: introduction to veneer, overview and history, ordering, storing and flattening veneer, designing with veneers and core materials, demonstrations of tools, cutting techniques and sharpening, demonstration of assembly techniques in creating a panel, the use of glues, veneer presses, sanding and finishing and a portfolio of marquetry furniture.

The companion booklet includes information from the video/dvd, as well additional information on design theory, detailed instructions, illustrations, and an extensive glossary, resource list and tool catalog. The DVD has a useful index on the menu which allows easy access to all the different chapters and tips that are covered in this instructional program, to help you in your projects. (Schürch ®)


Decorative Veneering and Companion Booklet




"Marquetry" by Paul Schürch

The second DVD and booklet of the Schürch Masterclass Series, this comprehensive 133 minute DVD demonstrates the process of creating marquetry. It has great information for both beginning and advanced woodworkers. This project-oriented program includes step-by-step instructions for creating both a circular 16 piece radial match and a floral marquetry panel from start to finish.

You will learn:

      • The History of Marquetry
      • New Hand and Machining Techniques for Working Veneer
      • Sand Shading Techniques
      • Time Saving Tips
      • Trouble-Shooting Solutions
      • The Use of Glues, Veneer Presses, Sanding and Finishing
      • Edging Details

The marquetry furniture featured will demonstrate what is possible using the skills and techniques Paul shares with you on this DVD. The companion booklet supplied includes the cartoon drawing for the Radial Flower class project, and detailed information on how you can successfully create marquetry in your own shop. (Schürch ®)


Marquetry DVD and Companion Booklet



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