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Two Cherries Tools logoVeneer Chisel

This 40 mm (1-1/2") Chrome vanadium Double Cherry chisel is ideally suited for delicate veneer work. It can be used in conjunction with the V-edge for straight seam knife cuts, for free-hand cutting, for assembly of banding or 'filetti' inlay and intricate veneer inlay patterns.  It is the main tool used for the cutting of veneer.  The chisel is sharpened on a grinding wheel and honed on a 1000 grit flat water stone as you would a normal chisel, paying close attention to keeping the back completely flat on the stone while knocking off the burr created by honing the chisel facet.  The active cutting edge needs a slight radius to cut veneer effectively and can be created by cutting through some cloth backed 100 G sandpaper or dragging the chisel edge over an MDF board.  The edge needs to be honed on the water stone to re-sharpen the blunted tip.  After it has been sharpened on the stone, polish the edge lightly on both sides on a felt wheel with rouge.  The outer tip of the chisel that is actually cutting the veneer needs to be ever so slightly rounded by buffing both sides of the tip.  The chisel will then draw properly through the veneer, without following the grain and splitting the veneer.  Grasping the chisel close to the facet, cut the first pass as light as a feather, to score the veneer.  This will allow the subsequent passes to follow the path you have established, and to cut through completely on the third or forth pass.  The chisel can inlay, or cut one piece of veneer (scrap) into another.  Place the scrap onto the veneer background, score the background using the scrap edge as a fence or guide, and finishing the cuts with the tip of the chisel.  If you are working from the glue face and are cutting toward the fancy face on the background veneer, the inlay will be a perfect fit.  This method can be used to remove defects in burls. (Schürch ®)
500-1540 Veneer Chisel $53.42

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