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Veneer (Water Gum) Tape

Veneer tape is cut to length, moistened with a sponge or with the tape dispenser wetting system, placed over the veneer seam or joint, and smoothed or burnished down with a fine brass brush or rag to secure it firmly onto the veneer. It is used for final assembly of veneer joints in decorative veneering, in order to create a single skin or sheet of veneer. After the gum tape is applied over the joints, the assembled veneer skin gets placed between two plattens to insure that the moisture from the gum tape does not warp the veneer while drying. This complete skin will then be glued onto a foundation or core of  MDF, with the gum tape side exposed. After the veneer is glued to the core with a mechanical or vacuum type veneer press, the tape is removed by moistening and peeling it off with a sharpened flexible putty knife, or sanded off the veneer with a belt, stroke or random orbital sander. The best method seems to be first 'scuff sanding' the panel with a 120 grit 4 X 24 belt sander in order to start leveling out different thickness of veneer and break through the top layer of gum tape. Next, remove the rest of the gum tape with water and a gum tape removing knife. Carefully sand the panel smooth with a 220 grit belt sander and then finish it off with a light 220 grit random orbital sander.  Remember to wrap the moisture sensitive gum tape in a plastic bag to preserve the shelf life, while not in use. (Schürch ®)
S301 2" Veneer Tape 25g $18.86
S304 2" Veneer Tape 34 g $17.85
S303 20mm (3/4") Veneer Tape 34g $4.50


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