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Bench Dogs

Aluminum Round Bench Dogs

Round Bench Dogs are suitable additions to any existing or new workbench. By drilling 3/4" holes at regular intervals, you can turn the top of this bench dog into a versatile clamping table. The round bench dogs are milled from 3/4" aluminum stock with a side spring to support height adjustment. The face is cross hatched faces, off set several degrees from the vertical to firmly hold your work. The large dogs are 4- 3/4" long with a 11/16" x 1 1/4" work face and suitable for benches up to 4" thick. The small dogs are 2-3/8" long with a 1/2" face. They are sold in pairs.


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99.012.4 Lg. Round Bench Dogs-Pair $22.46  
19112 Sm. Round Al Bench Dog-Pair $10.57  


Jorgensen 2 1/4" T-Bar Bench Dogs

The Jorgensen T-Bar Bench Dogs can sit firmly in the 3/4' hole and provide a 1/4" high flat surface against which your work can be clamped.  This low profile helps prevent snags with your chisel or plane. They are sold singly. Now manufactured with a shiny finish.

1722 Jorgensen T-Type Bench Dogs $ 4.25 each  

Kreg Bench Dogs 

These simple 3/4" reinforced nylon bench dogs include several features to help make your next project easier. Included with each Bench Dog is a solid rubber Bench Brake™. Bench Brakes can be placed on the top of the Bench Dog for a solid non-slip work surface – perfect for routing and sanding. There is also a painter's point to help keep your project elevated during finishing.
KKS1070 Kreg Bench Dogs $ 7.99 


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